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Reaping the rewards of giving Sadaqah on the day of Jummah carries many virtues compared to any other day in the week.

You can now schedule your donations to automatically take place every Jummah using our online donation scheduler.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “Giving charity on Friday with regard to the rest of the week is the best day to do so.

Automate your donation TODAY!

Your donation will support the house of Allah.

Remember Allah swt loves the actions that are small and consistent.


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If you give for the sake of Allah (swt) you will share in the reward for ALL that takes place at the masjid including:

– Every prayer prayed in congregation at the Masjid

– Every fast broken in Ramadan

– Every single letter a child learns from the Qur’an

– Every person who accepts Islam

Don’t miss out and DONATE today!

The Muslim community is reliant on the services of the masjid.
Support the masjid and earn immense rewards.

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