Rules and Regulations

  1. Students to follow all rules and regulations of the school.
  2. To act with Islamic manners and show respect to the management,teachers and students.
  3. All students must attend regularly and if absent for more than three days without permission, his/her place will no longer be available and any absenteeism will not be accepted without a letter of explanation from parents.
  4. All students are required to attend early and the management takes no responsibility outside the school hours.
  5. Students should be picked up from school. If parents are not able to collect their children, they must send someone else and inform school in advance.
  6. We will only allow pupils to leave the school without collection if a signed note is produced.
  7. If parents want to take their child from school during school hours, they must inform the school in advance.
  8. No mobiles phones or electric games are allowed during school hours.
  9. It is the parents’ responsibility to monitor the homework of their children outside school ours.
  10. All students are required to complete all homework issued by their respective teachers.
  11. The school has 3 stages of discipline:
    1. To advise the student.
    2. To involve the parents.
    3. Expulsion.
  12. Registration is accepted only for students who are of five years or over.
  13. All students are expected to dress suitably when attending classes with aspects of personal hygiene.
  14. This application will not be accepted unless the yearly fee has been paid in full and the form signed by the parent or guardian.