Amanah Tahfeedh School Organisation, routines and procedures (Covid 19)

The Amanah Tahfeedh team have worked tirelessly over the summer break to prepare the school, making sure it meets all the government guidelines for the students safe . These are the measures in place to keep parents students and teachers safe. Please follow the rules strictly. If the government guidelines were to change or we need to close the school then the school will be in contact with you.

  1. For weekend classes the times have changed to ( 9:00am – 12:00pm). Weekday classes time remains the same.
  2. If any student is showing symptoms of the virus, or a family member of a student is showing symptoms, or they are required to self isolate because someone at their school has shown symptoms, please do not attend the masjid and please let the staff know.
  3. Each group of classes will have their own allocated entrances and exits and toilets in the masjid. They will be told this on their first day back.
  4. Each returning student is to rejoin the class and teacher they had in the last academic year.
  5. Students are to be dropped off outside the masjid where teachers will collect and send them to their classrooms. Under no circumstances are parents allowed to enter the teaching halls.
  6. Parents are required to maintain social distancing when dropping off and collecting their children.
  7. Please be punctual when dropping off and collecting your child. Students are not to be dropped off too early or too late.
  8. Please be considerate when parking outside and park away from entrances and avoid causing traffic.
  9. Students are to ensure social distancing rules are upheld in the masjid and follow these rules:
    • not allowed to use masjid equipment (Qurans/Quran stand/shoe cupboards/water fountain)
    • Students are required to bring their own prayer mats, bags for shoes and water bottles.
    • Each class will be a bubble and no two bubbles will mix through out the day. Break time will be in the individual classes.
  10. For parents wishing to come to the office to pay fees or speak to the office staff after the students have entered, there will be a queue system in place. Only one parent in the office at any one time.
  11. School fees for this academic year are as follows:
    • weekend school £200
    • weekday school £300

    The fees are to be paid in advance, if not then no less than 30% of the fees needs to be paid in the 1st week and all fees to be paid within 3 months of starting.
    Payments are accepted via online bank transfer, bank card or cash.

  12. Students can be collected 10 minutes before the end of the day. No student should still be on the premises after 12:00pm weekends and 8:00pm weekdays. Parents who are late collecting their child will receive a warning. Repeated offence will result in your child losing their place at the school.

We hope all parents and students follow these measures to ensure a safe environment for all at the school so the school can remain open.