Tahfeeth Schools

The Amanah Masjid runs a successful Qur’an teaching school led by fully qualified teachers most of whom are huffaath (memorisers) of the Holy Qur’an. Children are taught how to recite the Qur’an with Tajweed and Qur’anic sciences as well as the memorisation of verses from the Qur’an.

Daily Qur’anic Lessons

Daily Tahfeeth School (Monday to Thursday):

Boys and girls from 5.30pm – 8.00pm at the Amanah Masjid
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Weekend Tahfeeth School (Saturday & Sunday):

Boys and girls from 10am – 1.00pm at the Amanah Masjid
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Sunday Girls Tahfeeth School (Girls under 16 & Boys under 9):

From 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Muath Trust
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For enquiries and appointments, please call the administrator on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10.30am to 2.30pm on 0121 772 7370 or email amanahmasjid@muathtrust.org.

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