European Social Fund (ESF) Project

The Muath Trust has two ESF projects:

Stepping Up – This is an ESF funded programme which is an employability integration gateway for the unemployed.

This project aims at helping those who are far from the labour market to get closer to the employment market. This is done by addressing complex barriers, such as Debt, Housing, Benefits Help, Health etc., as well as tackling traditional and generic employment support needs.

We offer employability workshops, where multiple CV’s and cover letters are created and also help the clients gain confidence in independent job searches, in addition to carrying out confidence building exercises and interview practice. Information, Advice and Guidance regarding benefits, housing, etc, is also provided, as well as addressing barriers which are unique to the individual by tailoring the support to the needs of each client. We offer a range of support, not only through ourselves, but when needed we provide multi agency support working with other relevant agencies.

AEGIS Project – This is the second ESF funded project which is aimed at supporting predominantly employed people, progress in their employment e.g. by gaining a qualification, better skills support, identifying better opportunities, looking at self employment options.