External Speakers Guidelines

Guidelines and conditions for speakers at the Muath Trust & Amanah Masjid

    1. To focus on topics that concern all the Muslims, such as obedience to Allah and His Messenger (PBUH), personal and social behaviour, obedience to parents and other similar topics
    2. Avoid speaking about issues that create differences both political and religious.
    3. Speak within the guidance of the Four Schools of Thought of the Ahl-us- Sunnah- wal-Jammah.
    4. Refrain from belittling any of the Four Schools of Thought or its respective followers.
    5. To mention other opinions in areas where a difference of opinion may exist, and to present the evidence supporting the stronger opinion.
    6. Respect all people regardless of their culture, gender or ethnicity and refrain from offending any of them under any circumstances.
    7. Refrain from labelling any act of worship as bid’ah or labelling any group of people as kafir, unless there is a consensus amongst the scholars of the Ahl-us- Sunnah-wal- Jammah.
    8. Refrain from undertaking any activity that aims to raise funds for a masjid, a school, an organisation or others unless a specific prior approval has been obtained from the Management of the Muath Trust.
    9. Refrain from speaking, intentionally or unintentionally, on any matter that encourages or is sympathetic to radical and/or extremist opinions that may misguide people to committing acts of violent extremism or terrorism.