Youth Club

About us 

The Amanah Youth Club, part of the Muath Trust, is tailored to boys and girls, with its main purpose of reaching out to the youth and engaging in a variety of activities.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to develop confident young people, who are able to tackle challenges in the modern world and make positive changes in their communities” 

Youth Club 

The Amanah Youth Club organises regular events and activities to ensure that young people in the community are engaged throughout the year through a variety of programmes. The Youth Club meets on a weekly basis to deliver a recreational and educational programme.

Opening Hours 

Boys :

  • Fridays: 6pm – 9pm
  • Sundays: 6pm – 9pm


  • Fridays: 5pm – 7pm

Holiday Programmes

In addition, the Youth Club runs programmes during the school holiday period.  Programmes can include:

  • Sports Activities
  • Camps
  • Ice Skating
  • Theme Parks/Waterparks
  • Arcade (bowling/laser quest)
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Our Environment

At the Amanah Youth Club, the environment is positive and energetic, young people come to relax, play and enjoy their time, as well as learn and develop key skills and knowledge. We expect the members to be respectful at all times, kind and caring.


Registration Forms 

Interested in registering your child? Below and the respective registration form links:

Registration Form (Boys)

Registration Form (Girls)

Contact Information 



Youth Club Email:
Boys Contact Number:
0121 753 0297 – Please ask for Ferdous
Girls Contact Number:
07427 500 973
For a faster response, please reach out to us through social media: