About Rosemary Lodge

Rosemary Lodge Rest Home offers the following facilities and services:

The home caters for up to 29 residents and is constructed on 3 floors. The rooms vary in size and all are tastefully decorated.

  • Finger print entry system is in place.
  • The upper floors are accessed by staircase and a lift.
  • The home provides: 11 single bedrooms, 7 single bedrooms with en-suite, 5 double bedrooms, 1 double bedroom with en-suite
  • There are 3 lounges, 1 activities room and 1 dining room
  • The home has a conservatory built with a decking area leading to the garden
  • The home is equipped with an up-to-date digital fire alarm system managed by Firecheck
  • The home has smoke detection in every bedroom, hallways and communal areas. All furniture is fire retardant and meets fire regulations.
  • The home is equipped with a call bell system
  • A hairdressing room with salon sink. This room is also used as a treatment room when not in use by the hairdresser
  • 1 walk in shower with disabled WC and sink
  • 2 WC’s, one of which can be accessed by wheelchairs on the first floor
  • 1 assisted power bath hoist on the ground floor
  • 1 assisted manual bath hoist on the first floor
  • 1 non-assisted bath on second floor
  • The kitchen is located on the ground floor
  • The menu is displayed on the notice board
  • The laundry is on the ground floor. All clothing will be collected from the service user’s room each day and returned to them washed and ironed within 48 hours – all clothing must be labelled with service user’s name by relative/advocate
  • The rear garden is large in size, well planted and accessible to service users
  • Equipment – the home has 2 hoists and other moving and handling equipment to help in the transfer of service users who have been assessed to needing this assistance.
  • The home will make arrangements for residents to receive pressure relieving equipment, such as ripple cushions or air mattresses should the service user’s assessment indicate its need.

Committed to Care

At the Rosemary Lodge Rest Home, Trust Quality Care are committed to providing the highest level of care and give confidence to all who use engage with our staff and home.

To provide 24 hour care and access to medical care through the community district nurse team on behalf of our service users.

To foster an atmosphere of care and support which both enables and encourages our residents to live as full, interesting and independent a lifestyle as possible with rules and regulations being kept to a minimum.

Rosemary Lodge is committed to providing quality services for residents by caring, competent, well trained staff and we achieve this by:

  • Staff development programme and appropriate resources.
  • Recruitment of staff who share our values and are committed to provide a homely atmosphere.
  • Retention of staff to ensure our care is consistent.
  • Rosemary Lodge is staffed in accordance with the requirements of the Care Home regulations (2001) and by the Care Quality Commission as part of the process of registration for the care home.
  • Full details of names, qualifications and experience of our staff is held in a list of staff employed in the home, and may be inspected at any reasonable time by speaking to a senior member of staff.

Your needs will be fully assessed prior to your admission to help us identify your individual requirements and specific needs and to ensure that we are in a position to meet them fully. We will find out about your preferred daily routine, likes and dislikes, your tastes in relation to food and any other special dietary requirements. We will also ask about your social, domestic, spiritual and cultural preferences, and establish how you would like to have your personal care delivered.

Based on your identified needs we will prepare with you a personal care plan (person centred) to enable the staff to support you in a consistent and sensitive manner. The plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to see that your care is being maintained. It will be available for inspection to the appropriate authorised authorities should they wish to see this. The care plan will also contain a risk assessment and any risk management plan. It also includes details of health care needs, medication, GP details and any other special needs required.

We will ensure that activities are offered to you considering individual needs, abilities or expressed wishes and will further ensure that you feel comfortable to decline any or all of the activities offered by the home.

Consultation and views of the home

We are committed to maintaining the quality of our service. We will consult you and others involved in your care about satisfaction with the service and suggestions for improvement.

This will be achieved by:

  • Service user’s consultation and satisfaction surveys.
  • Service user’s and staff meetings.
  • Provision of notice boards or other displays which inform service users.
  • Review of our quality management system.

Registered Manager: Mrs Kelly Spittle

Rosemary Lodge Rest Home
154 Alcester Road South
Kings Heath
B14 6AA
Telephone: 0121 443 1166
Mobile (Out of office hours): 07544 353950

Email: rosemarylodge@muathtrust.org

Rosemary Lodge Policies and Forms

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