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The Amanah Masjid

One of the key objectives of the Muath Trust is to provide suitable facilities for the religious needs of the community.

The Trust initially set up the Amanah Masjid (mosque) within the BordesleyCentre in 1993, it was subsequently moved to its current location on Henley Street in 2006. The Masjidtoday fulfilsthe religious as well as the cultural, educational and social needs of the community in its vicinity and the wider communities within Birmingham and beyond.

The Amanah Masjid is regarded as one of the largest mosques in Birmingham and caters to both men and women. In addition to providing the prayers facilities, the Masjid delivers a variety of educational programmes and community services. The regular programmes and the Tahfeeth(Qur’an memorisation) schools for boys and girls are highly sought after.

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