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Sparkbrook Ageing Better

Connect Sparkbrook: Addressing Older People’s Social Isolation is a two-year, ward-wide project, capable of reaching all parts of the Sparkbrook Ward and all its communities. The project will have two work streams:

  1. Connecting Communities with a focus on place, to
      a. Improve local community infrastructure;
      b. Increase reach and improve accessibility of community-based provision;
      c. Address transport and access to transport issues, and
      d. Other place-based improvements to address social isolation amongst older residents.
  2. Promoting Active Citizenship, with a focus on people to.
      a. Support, encourage and enable active citizenship;
      b. Raise levels of engagement, involvement and neighbourliness, and
      c. Other people-based solutions to address social isolation amongst older residents.

The Muath Trust will be delivering this project as the lead organisation, in partnership with Ashiana Community Project, Narthex Sparkhill and the Springfield project and will be delivered over a 2-year period.

Although the Muath Trust will be the accountable body, the programme will be delivered by a consortium of Collective partners who have extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of working within the target area, Sparkbrook Ward. The Collective comprises organisations supporting and serving the diverse communities and cultures within large parts of the inner ring. In developing this proposal we have consulted and engaged a number of other partner organisations from Sparkbrook that have relevant and appropriate skills to offer this programme.

The East Birmingham Collective was created to enable community organisations in the Sparkbrook area to work in a collaborative manner to ameliorate a number of identified inequalities and to focus on the most vulnerable cohorts and priority groups within communities of geography, faith and culture that they serve. Each Collective member is a community organisation, community focused and managed, with access to those in need, including older isolated residents, the target of this programme.

This project, as with the development of the Ageing Better Hub, recognises that other organisations, not engaged with the Collective, deliver services for and to older people. We have identified some of these who will become partners in the development of activities and we will seek to engage others as partners or participants within this programme as it progresses.

The programme aims to develop skills and processes in all organisations. We acknowledge that groups will be at different levels of progress and skills and this project will seek to support the sharing of skills and the progress of support offered by ‘emerging and embryonic’ groups, enabling them to address the issue of isolation in older people within the Ward.

Application process

  1. Identify which ‘LAP outline’ you are interested in delivering

  2. Complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form’ (EOI1)

  3. Email the completed EOI to the Connect Sparkbrook Ageing Better Coordinator
    (Deadline to return completed forms is 5pm on Friday 1st March 2019)

  4. You will then be invited to give a brief presentation on your proposal which will be no longer than 20 minutes.

Contact details for all queries:

Mumtaz Shah
Connect Sparkbrook Ageing Better Coordinator
Tel: 0121 753 0297